The reasons for everyone's attention and use of high temperature cables

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High temperature coaxial cable is already a material we can see everywhere now, and it is because of its existence that our life can be so comfortable. When we mention high-temperature cables, many people will say that they are cables that can work at higher temperatures. In fact, this is indeed the case. It is precisely because of their high-temperature resistance that high-temperature cables will attract everyone's attention and use, then What are its characteristics? Let's take a look at it together.
First of all, we want to introduce a feature of high-temperature cables that we all know, that is, they have good high-temperature resistance. Of course, we need to pay attention to the fact that we usually say that they can withstand high temperatures. The temperature often refers to the temperature of the internal conductor, not the ambient temperature. This is something that everyone must pay attention to, because under normal circumstances, when the temperature of the internal conductor of the cable reaches a high tolerance range, the external temperature will be the same. Relatively low about 30 degrees, we must not think that the ambient temperature is its high allowable temperature, so as to avoid problems during use. After all, wires and cables are used in electrical equipment, and the consequences of electrical equipment problems are often more serious.
Secondly, the high-temperature cable also has good waterproof performance, which is a function added by scientists after comprehensively considering its use occasions. It is also a guarantee to ensure that the cable can not be corroded by the external humid air. Of course, some cables are used in a lot of oil and water. Its own waterproof and oil-resistant properties also help it not be eroded.
Later, we will find that the corrosion resistance of high temperature cables is also very high. Because there are many corrosive materials in many industrial occasions, and we often inevitably come into contact with corrosive substances in the process of using cables, when making high-temperature cables, scientists make corrosion-resistant materials on the surface of the cable. , the cable is well isolated from the external corrosive materials, which is also an important condition to ensure the stable performance of the cable and better serve people.
When we usually need cables, some people need cables that can withstand high temperature, some people need cables that can resist corrosion, and some people need cables that can be waterproof, and these functions can be found on high-temperature cables, so many Features are also an important reason why most people choose this type of cable. When we usually need to use cables, we might as well consider them.