Application fields and properties of high temperature resistant cables

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High temperature resistant cables have excellent corrosion resistance, oil resistance, strong acid and alkali resistance, strong oxidant resistance, etc., excellent electrical insulation properties, high voltage resistance, low high frequency loss, no moisture absorption, large insulation resistance, no flame retardant. Aging performance, oxygen index ≥ 90, long service life. Let me tell you about the application fields and performance of high temperature resistant cables:
Color: blue-red-black-green-yellow
Application field: High temperature resistant cable is suitable for a variety of household appliances, electronic equipment, electromagnetic coil automobile connecting line, temperature sensing, etc.
Features performance:
1. The high temperature resistant cable has excellent corrosion resistance, can resist oil, strong acid, strong alkali, strong oxidant, etc. It has excellent electrical insulation performance, does not absorb moisture, and has large insulation power; 2. The high temperature resistant cable has excellent flame resistance, resistance to Aging properties.