The correct way to store and transport wire and cable products

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The storage and transportation of wire and cable products are two very important links. If the storage and transportation methods are not correct, the quality of the wire and cable products will be damaged and the safety of use will be affected. So, when storing and transporting cable products, what matters should we pay attention to?
The following are six precautions for the storage and transportation of wires and cables listed for you:
1. When storing cables, it is strictly forbidden to contact with acids, alkalis and mineral oils, and they should be stored separately from these corrosive substances; 2. There should be no harmful gases that damage insulation and corrode metals in the warehouse where cables are stored 3. Avoid storing cables in the open air as much as possible, and the cable reels are not allowed to be laid flat; 4. During the storage period, the cables should be rolled regularly (once every 3 months in summer, and may be extended as appropriate in other seasons). When rolling, turn the bottom side of the storage tray upside down to prevent the underside from getting wet and rotting. When storing, always pay attention to whether the cable head is intact; 5. The cable storage period is limited to the product ex-factory period, generally not more than one and a half years, and the longest is not more than two years; 6. It is strictly forbidden to drop cables or For cable reels equipped with cables, especially at lower temperatures (generally around 5°C and below), throwing or dropping the cables may cause the insulation and sheath to crack; 7. When hoisting packages, it is strictly forbidden to hoist several reels at the same time. . On vehicles, ships and other means of transport, the cable trays should be fixed in a suitable way to prevent them from colliding with each other or overturning, so as to prevent mechanical damage to the cables.