To improve the quality of cables, it is necessary to strictly control the quality of cable raw materials

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In recent years, there has been a kind of random thinking in the cable market, with shoddy charging, and the price of cables is chaotic. The author believes that to fundamentally solve such a problem, we need to start with raw materials. For the production enterprises, the first thing is to strengthen the quality control of the raw materials for the production of cables. Raw materials are the basis of products. To control the quality of products, we must start from the source of production. The quality of copper conductors, aluminum conductors and cable materials directly determines the performance of wire and cable products. It is recommended that enterprises test some important properties of these raw materials when purchasing these raw materials, such as the DC resistance of copper conductors, the mechanical properties and dielectric strength properties of cable materials, etc. to ensure the quality of the purchased raw materials; when the raw materials enter the factory, The raw material quality inspection department in the factory inspects the quality of raw materials in batches, and eliminates the behavior of single pursuit of low cost and ignoring the quality of raw materials.

Secondly, production enterprises should strengthen quality management and process technology learning. In order to improve the quality of wire and cable products, manufacturers should first carry out relevant quality management and technical training, learn relevant manufacturing and testing standards, integrate all factors, and establish a complete quality management control system. Problems found should have corresponding solutions. Improve quality documents, make complete craft cards, and ensure that craft cards are not mixed or used indiscriminately to produce wrong products, and ensure that employees produce in strict accordance with quality documents, and strengthen employees' quality control awareness.​

Thirdly, production enterprises should strengthen quality inspection and control. Manufacturers should attach importance to routine tests, sampling tests and ex-factory tests, designate and improve inspection procedures, and inspect raw materials, semi-finished products and finished products in a regular and orderly manner. Rework or repair unqualified samples in a timely and effective manner. Strive to find unqualified items as early as possible, analyze the reasons in time, adjust the process and improve the management as soon as possible, and the unqualified products will not leave the factory. For raw and auxiliary material enterprises, it is necessary to strengthen cooperation with cable enterprises, strengthen research on key technologies, cutting-edge technologies and basic technologies to ensure quality, and accelerate industrial structure adjustment and product and industry quality improvement through technological innovation. Consciously resist illegal and illegal behaviors, promote the construction of wire and cable product quality supervision system, and deliver more positive energy to the wire and cable industry.